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Why Lib Talk ?

I wonder if you have noticed the fact that the mainstream media seems to be obsessed with the absurdities that come along with the rise of authoritarian far-right populism in Europe and United States. But while this new surge of far-right sweeps the world, its worth reflecting on the absurdities of the authoritarian left that fuelled this rise. Lets just take three recent examples :-

  • Recently a theater group at Mount Holyoke College announced it would no longer put on The Vagina Monologues because the material excludes women without vaginas.
  • In a Virginia school, the timeless classic by Harper Lee “To Kill A Mockingbird” has been banned because it contained ‘offensive‘ racial slurs that ‘legitimises racism’
  • UCLA students staged a sit-in to protest microaggressions such as when a professor corrected a student’s decision to spell the word indigenous with an uppercase I — one example of many “perceived grammatical choices that in actuality reflect ideologies.”

Oh and almost forgot to mention what ties all three – apparently these incidents are supposed to be reflective of ‘liberalism‘.

Perhaps the greatest heist in the history of political philosophies was how the term ‘liberalism‘ was appropriated by the cultural marxist/socialist left from the libertarian right. The very term which best defines and summarises the libertarian politics of free market capitalism, competitive markets, inalienable individual civil liberties, representative democracy and rule of law was stolen from us (and meanwhile we played fiddle with corporatism, while our Rome was burning).

How did we reach a point in time when the term ‘liberalism‘ is no longer a term that is used to represent the rich political traditions of John Locke, Thomas Jefferson and Adam Smith but is instead used to identify the the politically correct left’s vicious politics of identity, cultural relativism, language policing and victimhood. How did the illiberal politics of regulating ‘appropriate‘ thoughts, ‘appropriate‘ language and ‘appropriate‘ ideals became synonymous with liberalism, a philosophy built on principles antithetical to everything that political correctness stands for.

Before I continue, there is something you should know. I am a young male and I belong to an upper caste brahmin family of reasonable means, a fact that is certainly worth bearing in mind. But if you consider this background and demographic information to be the very essence of my point of view, then there’s not much point in reading any further.

And this pointlessness is exactly the point: Political correctness makes debate irrelevant and frequently impossible. Under p.c. culture, the same idea can be expressed identically by two people but received differently depending on the race and sex of the individuals doing the expressing. This has led to elaborate norms and terminology within certain communities in the ‘liberal‘ marketplace of ideas.

But no longer.

Lib Talk India is my humble attempt at taking back the term ‘liberalism‘ from the illiberal left, and restoring it – one piece, one link , one video at a time to its true foundations. The consequence of an overwhelmingly leftist hegemony on media and academia is that the internet is flooded with regressive propaganda which makes it extremely difficult to parse true liberal opinion on the internet.

Which is why we need Lib Talk.

Lib Talk promises to be a curating platform where I will curate the best of classical liberal opinion on the internet from every major ( and minor ) news source of the world. From Opinion-Editorials, to Videos to Academic Literature – you will find this to be the hub of libertarian content on the internet.

In other words we are going to – Make Liberalism Great Again.

Featured post

A Free Speech Crisis : Bill C-16 of Canada


What is the issue at state ?

” Words such as zie and hir, are, in my opinion, moves in the PC game. It’s not a game I wish to play. We shouldn’t reduce complex, uncertain issues to a one-size-fits-all formula. Instead, we should think things through carefully, using words of our own choice. It’s a free speech issue, in its essence.

People often defend freedom of speech on the grounds that citizens must retain the right to criticize their leaders. That’s true, but it’s not the fundamental truth.

Freedom of speech protects our societies from shipwreck on the Scylla of tyranny and the Charybdis of nihilism and despair. Freedom of speech allows us to identify the problems that beset us. Freedom of speech allows us to formulate solutions to those problems, and to reach consensus on the solutions.

There is nothing in the absence of freedom of speech but tyranny and slavery.”

To know more read :

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Trump’s First Executive Action : Withdrawing from TPP

Read Article : CNN ( Clinton News Network )

The fact that your social media newsfeed is not full of commentary by politically astute comrades about Trump pulling out of the disastrous Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) on his first practical day in office, something that Progressives like Bernie Sanders and every socialist worth his salt (who hate unfair free trade agreements) have been fighting for, and instead is filled with the picture of Trump and “six other men” signing an order banning federal funding to organisations that support abortion, something done by every republican administration since the Reagan era, is the exact reason why today Republicans win so big and Democrats lose so bad.

Identity > Class will kill the left, and we libertarians are not complaining.



The Predictable Muslim ‘Good News Stories’ Have Arrived

Read Article : The Spectator

“…..For instance, the BBC has a video feature on some Muslims in Manchester who are helping the homeless in the area. If a Zoroastrian, atheist or Christian were to give food to the homeless it wouldn’t be worth a paragraph let alone a feature of its own. But like most of the rest of the media the BBC seems to feel that the Muslim communities of the world need a leg-up after any terrorist attacks.

“The Independent (again) has wheeled out a dubious new survey to declare in a headline that ‘Muslims and Hindus more likely to help someone being attacked than Christians.’ I’m glad the Hindus got a look-in for once, but I can’t help feeling that this story wouldn’t have made it to headline status without the positive Muslim angle. Personally I have no idea whether a Muslim or Hindu would be more likely to come to my aid than a Christian if I was ‘attacked’. The one thing I am sure of – like a growing number of Europeans – is that if I were attacked in a Christmas market place it is far more likely that the attacker will be shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ than ‘Jesus is Lord’. Who knows what the risk calculus is here?”

“… I see that in the wake of the Berlin attack police in the city of Bristol have stepped up patrols. As the local newspaper headline puts it: 

‘Bristol police step up patrols to combat Islamophobia after Berlin Christmas market attack.’ 

Yes, it’s definitely that ‘irrational suspicion of Islam’ that’s the risk here. If only those Berliners at their Christmas market hadn’t have been so damned irrational in their fear of Islam they could be with their families this Christmas instead of lying it out in the local morgue. As the growing pile of European bodies would attest, if they could, the problem isn’t an irrational fear of Islam. The problem is a wholly inadequate level of suspicion – or even interest – on the part of Europe’s elites.”

Brunei Cancels Christmas: Sultan Warns Those Celebrating Could Face Up To Five Years In Jail

Read Article : The Independent

Cultural relativism has created a situation where the suppression of Christian minorities in every single Islamic state receives almost no attention from the persistent outrage culture we live in today. Watch closesly as, no coordinated online campaigns will be fought by the regressive left for the rights of Christians in Brunei to exercise their religious rights. Watch closesly as no campus activists from the regressive left dares to question a Muslim monarch’s anti-liberal credentials.

Why ?

The answer is surprisingly simple – it doesn’t fit their narrative of ‘opression’ and ‘social justice’. If you view the world through the lens of the ‘predator’ and the ‘prey’ (itself a distortion of the original marxist conception of the ‘proleteriat’ and the ‘bourgeoisie’),you can’t help but be philpsophically inconsistent about inconvenient truths.

Bernie Sanders Transforms Trump Supporters Into Liberals (VIDEO)

Note :

From a classical liberal standpoint Lib Talk has significant differences with the Sanders platform on certain policy details. However Sanders is a genuine old fashioned working class socialist who relaizes that politics ought to be about class and not identity. This video of him calmly persuading an audience in the heart of Trump country to give him an ovation shows what would have happened if it was his name on the ticket instead of a tainted establishment candidate.

If the democratic party’s lesson from this is that Trump won because he was a uniquely racist, sexist, xenophobe- then they might as well kiss goodbye to the hopes of ever retaking the national political priority. 

Notes From History #3

Have you ever wondered why most old British houses have windows that are bricked ?


During the 17th century, Britishers vehemently opposed an income tax because they felt that compulsory disclosure of personal income was unacceptable since it represented the Government’s intrusion into private matters and a threat to personal liberty. ( God save Britain when the Britishers feel a tax is illegitimate – the last time they did, United States of America was born )

To counter this, in 1696, the Government under William III decided to tax citizens based on the number of windows in their homes. The so called ‘Window Tax’ assumed that wealthier people lived in larger houses and these in turn would have more windows – it’s the kind of sweeping and insensitive generalisation that makes you wonder how this tiny island of a nation managed to hold an empire for the better part of 500 years.

But The land that had produced classical giants like Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Robert Malthus and John Stuart Mill was not one to take this state intervention into the private domain lying down. As a result, most people reacted to this ‘Window Tax’ by bricking up their windows and this become a strong architectural driving force in Britain for centuries to come.

Incidentally, the term ‘daylight robbery’ also originates from this tax.

Somehow, The window tax stuck around till 1851, reflective of another great British tradition – bureaucratic stubbornness, the only British inheritance apart from cricket that India has taken to new heights.

Actually scratch that. On second thoughts- there is one another British tradition India has taken to new heights



If you are reading this while standing as apart of human caterpillars in front of ATMs/Banks and wondering about the point of existence this might be a good time to read my article on Demonetisation, which criticises the Modi’s policy of Demonetisation from the perspective of the libertarian right (where for a change the argument isn’t how many people had heart attacks while standing in ATM queues ).

Notes From History #2

Rajaji upon Nehru’s death in 1964 wrote what must rank as the most generous obituary message from a political adversary. It read:

 “Eleven years younger than me, 11 times more important for the nation and eleven hundred times more beloved to the nation, Sri Nehru has suddenly departed from our midst and I emailn alive to hear the sad news – and bear the shock…I am unable to gather my wits. I have been fighting Sri Nehru all these ten years for what I consider faults in public policies. But I knew all along that he alone could get them corrected… A beloved friend is gone, the most civilised person among us all. God save our people.”

How India traded in its rich legacy of robust intellectual dialogue ( where civility was never a casualty) for NaMo vs Pappu name calling will remain a tragedy waiting to be studied by the future generations.

C. Rajagopalachari: The icon India needs today

“…The first proponent of minimum government in post-independence India, Rajagopalachari is credited with coining the phrase “permit-quota-licence raj”, the consequences of which Indians continue to endure till this day. He was particularly impressed with the way West Germany, France and Japan rebuilt their economies after the disasters of World War II. In the 15 February 1960 edition of the journal The Indian Libertarian, Rajagopalachari lamented: “How one wishes we borrowed their economic common sense and not only their money.” Special praise was reserved for the conservative fiscal policies of Antoine Pinay who had till a month before served as the finance minister of France.”

“…Deficit financing of the budget, believed Rajagopalachari, was nothing but a euphemism for inflation. He said: “The party in power and in possession of the public exchequer and the Mint can buy votes by subsidies and grants but these when paid out by deficit-financing destroy the foundation of security and prosperity, viz., a stable currency.” To him, political freedom and social justice could not exist without economic freedom.”

-via Opeddiction

Free Immigration Or A Welfare State : Why The Left Cant Have Both

“…why is it that free immigration was a good thing before 1914 and free immigration is a bad thing today well there’s a sense in which that answer is right there’s a sense in which free immigration in the same sense as we had before 1914 is not possible today. Why not ?Because it is one thing to have free immigration to jobs, it is another thing to have free immigration to welfare and you cannot have both if you have a welfare state. If you have a state in which every resident is promised certain minimum level of income or a minimum level of subsistence regardless of whether he works or not produces it or not well then it really is an impossible thing to have free immigration “

If only Milton Friedman were alive today.

Given the current political climate, its difficult for many on the left to imagine a time when instead of chanting “Build The Wall” in rallies, conservative intellectuals actually thought deeply about the principles of classical liberalism that make open borders incompatible with a welfare state. Instead of arguing “Mexicans are bringing drugs and rape” if only Trump had run on the true classical Friedman-esque immigration platform, he wouldn’t be labelled a nativist bigot. But then again you cant really compare a Nobel Prize winning economist to the guy who ran ‘Apprentice.

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